Case distortions and social order

Published in the Daily Star (4 Sep 2009)

GRADUALLY we are getting used to the initial covering up and subsequent disclosure of criminal cases. Under one government, we learn how an apparent killing or a bomb blast is either just an accident or deep-rooted political conspiracy. And then after the change of government, we learn how the criminal cases were distorted during the previous regime to cover up the truth. From “media created” Bangla bhai to the attack on Humayun Azad, or from the Ramna bombing of 2001 to 21st August 2004 grenade attacks — it’s the same story.

The propagated stories, often hilarious, raise concerns over the law enforcing agencies. But all the more astonishing is how the investigators, after the series of exposures of such case-distortions, continue to twist new cases and spin new tales, and still expect us to believe them!

Distortion of a criminal case at the hand of the investigators may emanate from political pressure or from incompetence in probing the act. Read more of this post