What went wrong with DST?

Published in bdnews24 on 24 March 2010

Every failed or successful policy deserves evaluation so that lessons can be learnt from the past. Since the cabinet has ended the controversial daylight savings time (DST) scheme, this piece revisits a few aspects of that plan to see what really went wrong.

Decisions and discussions surrounding the scheme seemed unaware of the essence of daylight savings changes. The decision makers were wrong in principle about how and when to implement DST. They did not even know or notify people about the specific period of DST. Rather, outrageous hints were given that the changed time would be followed indefinitely.

Many opponents on the other hand also came up with trivial reasons in condemning the scheme. One of my favourite authors even argued in a national daily that DST was introduced in the ‘developed countries’ so their citizens can have ‘amusement’ during the longer afternoons. It goes without saying that such claims could not be far from the truth. Read more of this post