Circle, circle… dot, dot

Here are some unconnected dot points on recent news and events. This piece doesn’t connect the dots. However, different readers may come to different conclusions by connecting them as they wish-

  • In response to the alleged attack on picketers by Chhatra League activists, AL have suggested that Chhatra League doesn’t belong to AL and AL can’t take their responsibility. The party spokesperson said- “Chhatra League is excluded from the party following amendment of the party constitution as per Election Commission’s RPO requirement. So, its student wing and youth wing would have to be held accountable for their own actions”.
  • During the 1980s, political leaders and activists were cruelly attacked by the “miscreants” and a Dictator always had the innocent face that read “I didn’t do it”!
  • After the fall of the dictator, “miscreants” remained part of the politics. Though BNP’s position was denial of existence in case of “terrorist” (“they are media-creations”); both BNP and AL maintained denial of association re miscreants (“miscreants do not have a party”).

“actions which are so planned and executed that any U.S. Government responsibility for them is not evident to unauthorized persons and that if uncovered the U.S. Government can plausibly disclaim any responsibility for them.

  • The AL spokesperson has said that on the road, AL is a political party too and “it is not Awami League’s responsibility to maintain law and order. Awami League is simply a party.” Police and special forces should take care of the law and order situation.
  • AL’s election manifesto says- “vii. In order to provide security to every citizen of the country, police and other law and order enforcing agencies will be kept above political influence”.
    The Vision 2021, that influenced their election manifesto, also says-“Human rights will be established on a strong footing with a view to ensuring rule of law“.

Meanwhile, one of my favorite rhyme…

Circle, circle.

Dot, dot.

Did you get the cootie shot?


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