Three and a half verdicts

Verdict 1: The High Court has declared the autocratic regime of Lieutenant General Alhaj Hussain Muhammad Ershad as illegal. The court also suggested that Ershad should be prosecuted for usurping power illegally and unconstitutionally.

Rumor has it, at the time of the verdict, the poet dictator was finishing his latest book titled “Premer Mora Joley Dube na” (the submarine poet).

Verdict 2: The High Court today also extended the parole of Arafat Rahman Coco by 40 days. His cousin on the other hand was granted four days’ remand by a Dhaka court (as if he asked for the grant!).

In an unrelated news, singer Sting’s daughter began performing as I BLAME COCO.

Verdict 3: The High Court broke the heart of another MP by cancelling the results of Noakhali-6 constituency. The court has ordered the Election Commission to hold re-elections to the seat.

Verdict 3.5: A Dhaka tribunal has relieved Awami League leader HBM Iqbal, MP Nurunnabi Shaon and 12 other people from charges relating to the Malibagh quadruple murder case of 2001.

It has been reported that former parliament member Iqbal was not present at the time of the ruling. However, as has been reported, he was present at the time of the shooting.


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…” ~ Charles Dickens


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