Monologue: Sending Troops to Afghanistan

This is how the left and right side of my brain argued about sending troops to Afghanistan—

: It’s not our problem and we have enough problems of our own

: That can’t be a liberal argument. Notwithstanding our poverty, we do send relief to other nations. Bangladesh even offered $1 million to the US for Katrina relief. If we can commit 1 million to their billions, why can’t we commit only couple of hundred non-combatant soldiers? Besides, belief based global insurgency and terrorism is like environmental crisis where “your” and “our” problems overlap.

: Afghan-returnees were the vanguards of Bangladesh’s terrorist groups. So stay away from them.

: Shouldn’t that be more of an argument to send troops to Afghanistan? Bangladesh did not send troops to US-Russia’s proxy war in Afghanistan but that did not stop some of our citizens to join that war and then establish JMB and HuJi after their return.

: USA is desperate because Taliban is not showing any sign of defeat. They want us for their own purpose; we have nothing to gain there.

: That should rather be a warning for us. Lest forget that it was the success of 1979 Iranian revolution that made similar groups around the world believe that “if they can do it, so can we”. Iran didn’t have to actively support every insurgency in other parts of Middle East (not saying they didn’t at all). The inspiration from their own success was enough. If Taliban wins, there will be more slogans like—“Amra hobo Taliban, Bangla Hobe Afghan” (We will be Taliban, Bangla to be Afghan).
What was the saying again? Oh yes, “prevention is better than cure”.

: So you are saying, sending troops to Afghanistan can help our cause?

: Yes, it can help ending the war on terror?

: Are we talking about the same war on terror that began in Iraq to find the unreal weapons of mass distraction? No WMD? No WTF?

: Okay, okay… I get it… but how about ending the Taliban regime.

: How would I know if US is really sincere to end the Taliban regime? Didn’t they strengthen Taliban to overthrow Afghanistan’s socialist government in the late seventies?
How can Bangladesh, now a constitutionally socialist country, join US to achieve their goal? How would I know US won’t promote insurgents to destabilize Bangladesh? After all, they indeed opposed our independence for the same “fear of socialism”!

: But you can’t just ignore US for its past? After all, you are a recipient of their aid!

: Come on bro, there is no free lunch and banking is not a not-for-profit business. They never helped us without interest, and they will stop helping us if their interest ends anyway. Did you forget that they cancelled food aid in 1974, in the middle of a famine, just because we exported jute to a socialist country Cuba? We have come a long way since and reduced our dependence on US aid. Not to mention our contribution to their own development. Think of all the immigrant geniuses there 🙂 

Sorry bro, with all due respect to our anti-terrorist cause, nothing good happened to Bangladesh with US. Thanks, but no thanks.


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