What AL-BNP Wish For!

[Updates: Added notes and web screenshots for clarification. See notes at the end]

Everyone is talking about the fundamental principles of Bangladesh’s Constitution. But have you seen the fundamental principles and ideologies of the political parties that by turn comes to power for the implementation of constitutional goals?








1. AL’s fundamental principles on economy is more consistent with the post-1975 amendments of the constitution;

2. BNP on the other hand proclaims militarism and association with Jamaat as part of its “party ideology”!

Some details, and few questions over the fold.

1. Bangladesh’s 1972 Constitution had it as ‘Socialism’. Ziaur Rahman changed it to ‘socialism meaning economic and social justice’, right? **Now, 5th amendment verdict says, Bangladesh’s constitution is back to ‘Socialism’, without those limitations/explanations [1].

Now let’s see what AL’s Constitution says–

The fundamental principles of the Bangladesh Awami Leagues shall be Bengali Nationalism, Democracy, Secularism or in other words ensuring freedom of all religions as well as non-communal politics and Socialism, that is to say-the establishment of an exploitation-free society and social Justice [emphasis added by the author] [2].

AL’s party principles is not “Socialism” without those limitations/explanations, is it? They changed it in the 1990s [3]. Now what will they do following the 5th Amendment Verdict?

2. We know BNP talks about democracy all the time. So you may expect their party ideology to be democracy and all that. Guess what, they have more–

The BNP promotes a very center-right policy combining elements of conservatism, corporatism, nationalism, militarism, anti-anarchism and anti-communism. The party believes that Islam is an integral part of the socio-cultural life of Bangladesh, and favors Islamic principles, as well as cultural views together. This is particularly seen through its alliance with the Islamic party of Jamaat [emphasis added by the author] [2].

Did we see democracy there? No. I understand, you can’t have everything there or anything not there doesn’t mean they aren’t following it. Sure. But it wished for “militarism” even before 1/11! That’s why people say– Be Careful What You Wish For; You Just Might Get It!

Though “militarism” still remains in all party previous websites, including in the 1999 Council site and 2004 TR site, [see here], the party website seems to have changed the word. But it includes a more interesting line that the Council website didn’t mention. It says–

It is more popular among the country’s business class, military, and conservatives

And since when a party needs to admit that they are “more popular among the country’s business class, military, and conservatives”? Why mention alliance with Jamaat as part of “party ideology”?


[1] Following Jyoti’s comment, deleted “AL wants to go back to pure ‘Socialism’”.

[2] The parenthesized words “[emphasis added by the author]” added after Anon’s comment.

[3] Following Jyoti’s comment, changed “AL’s party principles is not pure “Socialism” either, is it? Will they change it now?”. Admittedly, haven’t read any AL leaders claiming that they wants to go back to pure socialism.


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