Obama announces new ambassador for Bangladesh

It’s often said that the appointments of US Embassadors reflect America’s ongoing foreign policy toward a country. Many US Embassadors had the chance to witness or actively engage in Bangladesh’s political changes.

Hermann Ellis was the first ambassador to get appointed in the independent Bangladesh, but he declined the appointment.

Davis Boster was in Dhaka during the terrifying moments of 1974-76. William Milam saw the fall of a long-standing dictator in 1990. Harry Thomas was here when grenades and bombs were terrorizing public gatherings during 2003-05. Patricia Butenis was here when the country was falling from political fry pan to civil-military fire during 2006-07. James Moriarty came during the unelected regime of FUA-MUA’s CTG. And over the fold is Obama administration’s announcement re the new ambassador for Bangladesh. I wonder what he is going to witness during the coming years!
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Where has all the rage gone?

Evidently, Facebook is the second most popular site in Bangladesh, after Google. People (read new voters) aged between 18 to 34 constitute three quarters of Bangladesh’s total users. So when an all-out ban was imposed, one would definitely expect a widespread response.

Instead, most newspaper reported the news as if the baning was a ‘requirement’! Looks like everything is normal! And most surprisingly, there seems to have a bi-partisan movement here, where left and right wing newspapers are reporting the event in the same manner!

Prothom Alo and Amar Desh made similar reports saying that the site was blocked for hurting religious sentiment and making cartoons of national leaders (SH-KZ), but didn’t criticize the ban in anyway.

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