A. Pre-Election Analysis [2008]

1. Analysing past elections: let’s look at the evidence
2. Analysing past elections: evidence of post-ballot count manipulation?
3. Analysing past elections: deprivation or abstention?
4. Analysing past elections: minority intimidation and electoral bigotry
5. Analysing past elections: running the numbers

6. On young voters and political changes: ATN

B. Post-Election Analysis [2009]

1. Providing due respect to the Opposition: VOA News
2. On Political Reform and Syndicates: RTV
3. Post-election blogtalk with SAJA [part 01] [part 02]
4. Why AL Won
5. Getting the math right

C. Media Response Following our Election Analysis

Based of articles in the Daily Star, Prothom Alo ran cover story on manipulation of election result. Given the sensitive nature of the issue and time, we chose not to use full name in articles/reports, hence are cited as S Ahamed and J Rahman. [Part I & Part II]

Apparently, the Election Commission admitted the discrepancies and vowed to stop a repeat of such manipulation.

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